Renovation>Renovate not Relocate!

Why not consider extending your property as an alternative to moving?

A property with planning permission is usually more valuable than one without and obtaining permission is a cost effective way to maximise your property’s value for minimum outlay (even if you do not intend to use it yourself).
Adding a room or converting readily available space such as the loft or basement, are great ways to help increase your property’s value.

Homeowners choosing to improve rather than move, with funds that would have been spent on stamp duty and legal fees, are maximising their present enjoyment of, and adding value to, their current property.

Have you thought about…

  • Converting your loft?

    Loft conversions are very popular and can increase a property’s value by as much as 20 per cent.

  • Adding an extension?

    Provided it is well built and in keeping with the rest of your property, an extension will add value.

  • Converting a basement?

    Urban properties with limited space may benefit from converting the cellar or digging out new basements to create extra living accommodation.

  • Building a garage?

    Garages, particularly doubles, will almost always add value especially in busy urban areas.