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By Wsadmin | 24th November, 2011

How to Work Effectively With Your Architect

If you have made the decision, or are in the process of deliberation about hiring an architect, no doubt you are considering an extension to your home, or indeed the construction of a brand new home.


We recently had contact from a family who were looking for an Architect in Guildford, and had an interesting discussion with them about the steps involved in finding the right Architect, and ensuring that they knew exactly what they required.


Market Research

Our family in Guildford spent a significant amount of time driving around the local area.  They were looking to extend their home, and by ‘window shopping’ in this way, were able to establish the style and look they wanted to opt for.  By doing your own research in this way you can get some great ideas about the type of architecture you want for your home, and maybe even rule some ideas out.


Decide Who You Need

In terms of managing your project and producing plans, there are several options as to the type of person you could employ.  You could use a fully qualified Architect, an Architectural Technologist or an Architectural Designer. WS-Design are fully qualified Architectural Technologists and can provide you with a full range of design and planning services, as well as liaising with local tradesmen.


Develop the Idea

When searching for an Architect in Guildford, our example family had a clear understanding of what they wanted from their extension.  Before speaking with an Architect you should think about what your needs are.  For example, how many new rooms are you looking to create?  What size of space do you require?  How do you intend to use any newly created space?


Communicate With Your Architect

When you meet with your architect for the first time perhaps bring photographs and any printed material which may help communicate an understanding of your project.  You may even wish to take the architect to see a particular style of design you like.



Have a Clear List of Goals

Our example family, who were looking for an Architect in Guildford, also had a clear defined set of goals.  They required two new rooms, with a total floor space of 25 square meters.  They needed to have two windows and a skylight.  This level of detail is gold for an Architect, and will aid them in your developing your design to meet all of your needs.


Restrictions and Planning

Try to be aware of any planning constraints which may be in place within your local area.  This may include houses in a ‘green-belt’, ‘area of outstanding natural beauty’ (AONB) or a conservation area with listed building status.  Any information you can gather will reduce the time your architect needs to spend on research.  You may also have neighbours who have had similar extension, which is always a good indicator that planning permission is achievable.


Review Concept Sketches Carefully

Your architect will normally provide conceptual sketches of your design.  WS-Design can provide a full 3D view, which instantly allows you to visualise the finished design.  It is important to review the design well at this stage, as ideally any changes should be made at this point.


Planning and Building Control

We have an excellent relationship with the local planning department and work hard to bring your project to completion with minimal stress.  Once plans have been approved we can also handle negotiations with the Building Control department, to ensure that your project meets health and safety requirements for people in or about buildings, establishes correct energy conservation levels and makes buildings more convenient and accessible for people with disabilities for now and future generational living.


WS-Design are the ideal solution if you are looking for an Architect in Guildford.  We can provide cost effective design to finished work project management.  Please feel free to contact us on 01428 684170 for a free a consultation.


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